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Even though you may have been granted a visa overseas, the immigration officers at the UK airports have the authority to check and cancel your visa. They have the authority to cancel the visa if they are satisfied that the circumstances of your application has changed or your intention of entering UK is for some other purposes other than what was originally declared at the time of the application. In most cases the immigration officers can cancel your visa and deny entry to the UK at the port.

A visa cancellation can prejudice your future visa applications. If the Immigration Officers have refused your entry on the basis of deception or false declarations this can lead to an automatic ban of 10 years.

We are experts in dealing with these types of cases and in most cases we are able to achieve some sort of remedy for our clients. In airport detention cases your timing is important as the UK Border Agency officers will try to send you back in 24 hours or in the next available flight if they don’t receive any intention to challenge the decisions. So if you have visa problems at the airports, act fast or you will be on your way back without setting your foot outside the UK airport.

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