Over stay Young person granted human rights visa

Our client is a 19 year old who entered the United Kingdom in  December 2002 with a visit visa and has been overstaying in the UK since then. Our client was 9 years old when she arrived here and is now 19 years old. She has spent almost half her life in the UK and on this basis we made a human rights visa application on her behalf.

We just today got a reply from UKBA stating that they are willing to accept our representation and is granting our client discretionary visa to stay in this country. We are happy for our client who is a young aspiring teenager who will now be able to build up her life and career in UK.

We specialise in dealing with human rights and overstay visa application and has been able to regularise many of our client’s cases. If you feel that you have a case under human rights either book an appointment at our office or email us.

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